Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Having a Merry Little Christmas, Part 1

Composing and signing their letter to
Santa. . .

The Luffman Celebration

At the Ingram celebration. . .

Climbing his favorite tree at Mamaw's

Checking out the Giga-ball

The look on her face in priceless!

Lots of present opening going on!

The two buds. . .

Cough, Sniff, Wheeze. . .Yep, those were the sounds coming from the Whaley household on Christmas Eve. However, that afternoon we were able to muster up the strength to go to my mom and dad's for the annual Ingram celebration. This year's meal featured great bar-b-que with all the side dishes to complement this Southern meal. Of course the kids were showered with gifts from the family, and I received a wonderful surprise from my Uncle Terry (Uncle Tee-Tee to J and T). He gave me my grandmother's set of Royal Dalton's Old Country Rose place settings including several serving pieces. To say that it was an emotional moment is a complete understatement. My Grandma Barger will always be with me in my heart, and it is an honor to use some of her things in my own home. Sometime I will do a blog about my newly refurbished dining room and just how much she is a part of it. All the Ingram/Whaley grandkids had some good cousin play time, especially outside playing in the mild temperatures with some of the new toys.

After returning home to nap and rejuvenate, we spent the evening at Mamaw and Paw's for the Luffman celebration. We enjoyed a traditional Christmas fare with presents afterwards for the kids and a Luffman version of the "White Elephant" game. I won't tell who, but let's just say that some people (isn't that right, Chris?) enjoy sabotaging this gift-giving game. Anyway, after all the excitement, we returned home to prepare for Santa's visit. Tori was especially excited to leave Santa a treat and letter this year.

Despite feeling horrible, Chris and I managed to finish all the Christmas preparation before the kids woke up with shining faces and anxious eyes to see all that Santa had brought. We were able to get a few hours of a "long winter's nap" in after all!

Check back soon for the details of our Christmas Day.
Until then,

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Kim K. said...

I hope everyone is on the mend and staying WARM!! Darling Christmas pictures. I wish we lived closer too. Can you imagine the fun that Tori and Josie could get into!!

Have a splendid weekend. We have 2 contractors coming tomorrow to talk about construction options. I can't wait!!