Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wild Water at Wilderness in the Smokies!

Talk about a good time. . . The Whaley family really had a blast at the waterpark/resort. In fact, we are returning for another go-around during Spring Break. The kids absolutely splashed, swam, and slid until they were exhausted.

We arrived there on Friday evening, and the kids were undressing as soon as we walked in the door of our suite. Mom couldn't move fast enough to get their swim gear! And the best thing about it was, according to J.J., was no sunscreen! (The bane of his summer swimming experience is being still while being lathered or sprayed with it.)

You should have seen the kids eyes light up with excitement as we walked in the door of the waterpark. They didn't know what to attack first. Jonathan chose the wave pool, while Tori wanted to experience one of the little kid areas. We stayed almost until closing, and we had two pooped kids for sure.

The next day, after a good buffet breakfast at the resort, we hit the park again. We all enjoyed the massive indoor/outdoor "hot tub," wave pool, and kid's areas. Chris and I took turns on the water slides with J.J. Chris and J.J. also tried out the wave runner attraction. They both did a great job even the first time they tried it. I was impressed anyway, since I was too big of a chicken to try it myself. After a full morning, we grabbed a pizza to go and went back to the room for a nap. Later, we went to the outlets and had a great meal at our favorite place in Pigeon Forge, The Blue Moose. So after the rest and a good meal, the kids were ready to hit the park again. They didn't quite make it to closing this time. . .much too tired and asking to go back to rest.

On Sunday, we repeated our Saturday morning until checkout time. We were so thrilled with our stay and good time at the park, we went ahead and booked for three nights during our Spring Break.

One of the things that Tori did at the park that tickled Chris and I was the time we spent at the wave pool. Now Tori loves the ocean, waves and all. But, if you have ever been in a wave pool, you know they always ring a buzzer when it is time for the wave cycle. When that would happen, Tori would get a look of panic, come to one of us, and bury her head in our arms. She absolutely hated that sound. . . and it happened every time. This coming from a little girl who loved the waves at the beach this year. . .the rougher the better! I guess that the buzzer just put her in a state of panic. I felt sorry for her, but it was funny and cute at the same time.

Check back for my next post featuring Tori's second visit to the dentist. . .a much better one this time!

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Mahmee said...

Damn! That looks like an awesome time. I am envious.