Sunday, September 23, 2012

Starting School and Much More

You can tell that these two were thrilled to be up that first day of school.  Not!
Sorry for the break in school pics.  These photos were of JJs first NFL game in early September.  The crew of Chris, JJ, Paw Estel and Paw Lowell took a trip to Nashville to see the Titans vs. Patriots.  As you can see, we live in a divided household.

Now for the first days of school (Aug 10)...My little spicy girl walking the sidewalk to enter the doors of her elementary school.  Yep, I had some tears well up as I took this picture, then I got tickled that she looked like a walking backpack with a head.  Let me tell you she takes the backpack thing seriously and wears it with pride!

Dad got to stay with her for the morning welcome.  I unfortunately had to be at my school by 8:30 that day.

Tori loves to go to my high school's football games.  She loves taking Ivy, sitting in the stands, eating popcorn, and watching all the excitement.  She is one dedicated Blue Devils fan.  In the pics below:  No we do not have a cat.  Tori and Mia "kitty sat" one Friday night for our neighbors.  That following Saturday, we had an the annual HUB picnic at Roane County Park.  Feeding the ducks are a must while we are there. 

Addison turned three on September 11.  That following weekend was a beautiful day to have a birthday party.  As you can tell, her favorite movie features a yellow brick road, a lost gingham-checked girl, and a city of emeralds.  The best part?   Our special guest stars!  (That is my mom and dad by the way!)

Yes, this is a Tori-heavy post.  So JJ has his own little corner now, so to speak.  J and J joined our local Boy Scout troop this summer.  They both worked really hard to earn their first official patch and received it this week.  They have their first overnight camping trip in October, so we are in the process of getting their gear together.  Let's just hope that the weather cooperates that weekend!

Two of JJ's dedicated fans...

JJ's first full day of seventh grade...He says that this year is so much better than last year since he is an "experienced" middle school student.
A quick photo in Chris's office before we headed to one of his question and answer sessions for the interview process of RSCC's next president.  It has been a long, long process, but we are sure to get an answer this week.  If he is named, there will be lots of changes in the Whaley household, but thank goodness it won't involve a move!

Whew!  I am so glad that I have finally finished this post.  AND I am so ready to get all this President's job waiting over with.  Our lives have been in limbo with this hanging over our heads.  However, I have been trying to keep busy with fall decorating and working on our master bath.  When we built our addition about twelve years ago, we added a new bathroom with beautiful wallpaper and a pedestal sink.  At the time, I was concerned with aesthetics instead of function.  Over time, the wallpaper was pealing away at the seams, and the sink was definitely not for two. So I found a really neat paint technique over the summer, and while Chris was in Boston for two weeks, I scraped and pulled wallpaper off the walls (not fun!).  Paw Lowell and I have finished our painting and "pearlizing," and the vanity, sink and fixtures came in this weekend.  The trim work is in the process of being put back up, so the end is at least in sight.  Hopefully by the end of October this will be done (depending on the countertop installation), and we can enjoy a reprieve on all accounts.  As soon as we get the official word on Chris's job, I will be sure to let all my blog friends know.  Thanks for all your prayers and support!   

Hooray for Fall!!!


Kim K. said...

I've been on pins and needles waiting to hear the latest word on your husband's job. Please know that I'm thinking of your family. Beautiful pics. A busy fall for your family.

Mahmee said...

I would pet sit that cute kitty any time! So happy you are going to hear something soon. Yay! The kids are looking great. Hope school isn't wearing you out too much. Hugs from PDX.

Newhorizons AnimalShelter&Rescue said...

Im sorry to tell you your pictures are being used to scam women. I have found them on facebook and dating sites.