Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yes, He Is a Keeper!

The weekend of July 14, Chris and I finally got away to celebrate my 42nd birthday (April 15) and our 19th anniversary (June 12).  He did some research, and had all these wonderful B & Bs to choose from in Asheville, NC.  I choose Biltmore Village Inn which was built by the Vanderbilt's lawyer in 1892 for he and his family to reside (The same date as our home.) while the Biltmore estate was being built.

Because it was so hot and humid, we decided not to go to Biltmore, and instead enjoyed looking around Asheville, a little shopping, and a movie.  My choice was the new Medea movie.  We have become Tyler Perry and Medea fans since our trip to China.  His movie Madea's Family Reunion was one of four movies that played on a loop during our time at the White Swan. 

Sparkling wine, flowers and truffles greeted us...Was I impressed!

The Vanderbilt suite

They had a beautiful pergola overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains.
An added excursion...Black Mountain, NC and the quaint shops and antique stores

I just have to make a note about this one...On Saturday we found ourselves at the fairgrounds for their annual rib fest.  We agreed that those were the best ribs and some of the best sauce that we had ever eaten!

We really enjoyed our Cindy and Chris weekend!  Thanks to the grandparents for once again keeping team J and T.  AND thank you Sweetheart for the perfect weekend!!!

Note:  JJ is doing great with his teeth extraction.  In fact, you wouldn't even know he had it done.  Boy, do I wish I could bounce back as fast as these kids do!


Kim K. said...

What a lovely get-away. Chris and I are already plotting when we can get our college niece back for another weekend without the girls. I'm so relieved to read how well your son is doing with his dental work. Whew.

Mahmee said...

Happy anniversary!