Wednesday, July 25, 2012

They Light Up Our Lives!

Today Tori received her certificate and ribbon for reading over 1,500 pages this summer in the listener's category at our local library.  JJ also read this summer without prompting, but he thought he was too big this year to participate in the program (sigh!).

At the beginning of the summer, Chris and I finally completed our bedroom closet (Thank you Closet Solutions!!!) and the kids moved their stuff into our upstairs one.  That meant we had lots of treasures and junk to get rid of after the big clean out, moving, and organizing fest.  So the first weekend of July, we had a big two-day yard sale.  The kids were really helpful moving and helping customers, and they also gave out lemonade on those hot days.  We did set out a donation box for the lemonade, and the kids decided to give the proceeds to our local animal shelter.  After a phone call, we discovered they were low on cat and dog food.  We made a visit with food in tow the next day.  The kids were so proud to give the director the food for all those animals.  (I was extremely proud of them, too.)  By the way, the little doxy in the background was being adopted that day.  I was so glad the kids were able to see the positive side of shelter life, but it made me sad to see all those who were waiting for a good home.  You can bet that Perci and Sophie were even more spoiled with hugs and petting when we got home that afternoon!

You can't see them, but about two weeks ago, JJ had the brackets and buttons put on his side teeth as part of his braces.  We had to go to their Clinton office to have it done, so as celebration for this milestone, we went to the soda fountain at Hoskins Drug Store.  Today, JJ showed he was even more a trooper as he had four pre molar teeth removed to make room for his front teeth once they start moving.  He is doing great right now, but I am afraid he may be in a little pain and discomfort once the feeling comes back in his mouth.  Oh, what we do to have pretty and straight teeth!  Please pray he gets through this quickly and without much pain.  

Well, I just had to brag on my kids for this post.  They are far from perfect, but they both have precious and caring hearts, and most of the time, they try to get along and do what is right.  Moments like these remind me just what treasures they are and how blessed we are to have them as our son and daughter.  Chris and I love these two to the moon and back!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Congratulations Tori ! 1500 pages and I do hop JJ's brackets work well. At 40 years old, I am having to get braces for the first time,I wish I would have done it at JJ's age.

Kim K. said...

You do have lots of reasons to brag about your two kiddos. Lots of major milestones and accomplishments this summer. What a busy few months. Prayers for JJ. I'm amazed at the difference of Emma's beautiful smile because of early orthodontia. Hugs.

Mahmee said...

Brag away! You all deserve it!
Good luck with those teeth JJ. Yikes. Congrats Tori!