Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let's Pray That This Is Not a Sign of 2012

Yes, this a room sign at Children's Hospital.  This time Jonathan had the honor of staying overnight.  The reason for his stay...a kidney stone.  Yep, a kidney stone...His pediatric urologist said that they are becoming much too common for children (and adults) in East Tennessee.  He is doing much better after they placed a stint to relieve the pressure, swelling, and pain.  As we had a snow day on Tuesday, he only missed one day of school.  (That was a God-send.) He will go back in two weeks to see if they can remove the stone as the urologist said that it was a bit more delicate situation with children.  Please say a prayer for him to remain comfortable in the next two weeks.  (No embellishment here...He was an model patient.  Through all the unpleasant exams, IV, needles and blood work, scans and X-rays...he was a real  trooper.  Chris and I were so proud of his maturity through this whole ordeal.)

Speaking of Chris, since New Year's Eve he has been dealing with lower back pain.  He went to a orthopedic specialist today and they discovered a crack in a lower vertebra that probably happened years ago.  No surgery at this time, but it is something he will have to deal with until it gets worse.  Please say a prayer for him, too.  This is one of the worst times in the semester for him to be dealing with pain and the aggravation.

Tori and I are okay at this time.  I don't think we could handle anything else!  Just like the title says above, I hope that this is not a sign of what 2012 will be like in the Whaley household. 

I must get our fans caught up with our after Christmas days and fun New Years, so check back soon!
Until then, I hope that your 2012 is going great so far,


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Oh Cindy, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Jonathan and Chris - what a start to the year. Thinking about you. I had never heard of kidney stones in children, I hope that the physicians can treat this condition.

Kim K. said...

Oh no! Please know that I'm thinking of you all. My husband has had several kidney stones and I can't imagine how scary that is for you all. Extra hugs to your hubby and Jonathan.

2012 has just got to get better!!

Heather said...

Oh Cindy, this is not a good way to start the year. I have never heard of a child having kidney stones! Poor guy...I do know that they are very painful. Hope everyone feels better soon. Sending hugs and well wishes your way!