Friday, January 6, 2012

A Joyful End to 2011

New Year's Day photo by the church Christmas tree...

New Year's Eve was a low-key friend affair.  The boys spent their evening playing video games and hanging out in J's room.
The younger three...Well, the moms had craft projects planned for the evening.

I went to Target after Christmas and picked up these cute snowflake ornaments.  I thought that they might bring a good snow omen to our area.  What do you know?  It worked because we got a snow day on January 3, our scheduled day back.

The crafters hard at work!

Jewel brought the supplies to make these cute mouse cookies.  Simply take a cherry with a stem, dip in melted chocolate, place on a chocolate graham cracker, add a Hershey's kiss for the face, almond slivers for the ears, and finally add some eyes.  Just too, too cute!

Hayden shows off one of his creations.

I was excited about my decor.  Last year I purchased quite a bit at 90% off at Pier One and Party City.  This year after Christmas, I found the pretty bell garland at one of our great antique malls in Rockwood.  It's reproduction vintage, but I got it for a steal.

Speaking of decor, one of my blogger buds created the most beautiful woodland tree.  I wanted something for the winter months, so I hit Pier One and some other shops after Christmas to copy her idea.  It's not as pretty as hers, but it will do.  Thanks Heather for the inspiration!

Two of my favorite finds were the swan and lovely nest of glass eggs.

At Kohls in our area, they had their decor at 70% off plus I had some "Kohl's cash" to spend.  I had to have the pink tree so that Tori and I could start our "sweets" tree for next year.  I am going to use it for Valentine's Day, too.  I just love to find other uses for my Christmas decor.

Pancakes...Almost a every Saturday morning event  or special days off at our house with Dad as the chef.  I was thrilled to find this ornament as a tribute this precious time that the kids and their dad share.

Eating her pancakes while watching "my shows"

JJ and I  come out after shopping to find Dad wearing her headband...These two are crazy and silly together!  A side note about JJ...He really likes to help me shop for Christmas ornaments, and he has excellent taste, too.  It thrills my soul that he likes to share in this with his old mom.

When we go to Rockwood, there is always a stop for a treat at the soda shop. 

After Christmas M and J, T and J went back and forth between houses on a few afternoons.  Here the girls made some dog treats for their furry babes.  They had a blast through the whole process.

Sophie stayed right there in the kitchen the whole time as if she knew we were baking for her. 

Another day, we tested out Tori's (and mom's) cupcake maker.  She thinks that this is an Easy Bake oven.  After reading the comments on the product and talking to others who had bought one, I knew that we didn't want any part of it.  It kind of made me sad because I had one when I was little, and I loved it.  I don't remember any of the problems out of my older model that evidently plague the newer one.  Anyway, she loves it, and it bakes mini cupcakes in about five minutes.  The girls loved decorating them with the fairy picks and sprinkles.  Easy peasy and they were happy! 

So what does our January have in store?  Well, starting on the 21st, Tori is having a movie party in honor of her 5th birthday on the 26th.  The 22nd brings our 4th Forever Family Day.  Finally, on the 23rd, we begin our celebrations in honor of Chinese New Year.  Lots of good times are in store.  Please pray that JJ and Chris continue to heal and remain comfortable in the next few weeks! 

Have a great weekend!


Kim K. said...

I'm loving all your decorations and special events. Gotta love a SALE!! Beautiful pictures, Cindy. I can't wait to see Tori's birthday (and possible dollhouse). Josie and I spent this weekend working on Dragon crafts (to be posted first thing on Monday) for CNY.

Continued prayers for health & healing at your house.

Mahmee said...

So...I'm all caught up now. Looks like things have been roller coaster-ish. Joy. I hope JJ is going to be OK. I hope Tori has rebounded. And Chris...geez. What's the course of treatment there? It all sounds a little overwhelming. You guys look like you were pretty busy for a few weeks as well. I can totally relate to that. I hope the end of the first week of the year finds you guys doing better.
It's too bad we don't live near each other (for a lot of reasons) because we would have a lot of fun shopping for bargains together. Hugs to everyone there!

Denise said...

Your pictures are great. You know how to celebrate Christmas - too bad JJ and Tori were sick. Hopefully everyone is on the mend now.

Maybe you'll get some of the snow they are predicting for Indiana later today. I don't mind if the snow heads south instead - although I love making snowmen with Avery.

Happy 2012!!