Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Spot O' Tea, Disney on Ice, and a Night of Spooks...Oh, My!

At the Michael Dunn Center Thursday night before Halloween. (Chris is a board member for this organization. They also fund the Henry Center which is Tori's school.) Tori was getting a cold at this point, and she missed her preschool Halloween party the next day, so I am glad I got this shot of her. I think it is a good picture of the trio, too.
At Disney on Ice (Nov. 3rd) with her "Daddy-0" and her "Paw-ee" (Paw Lowell) Chris said that she took all of it in while gorging on popcorn (probably her favorite snack right now). In fact right at this moment she is telling her dad that she needs a popcorn fix.

A night of Despicable Me...Dad as Gru and Tori as Agnes hitting the neighborhood candy trail on Halloween (I did find the fortitude to take some pictures.)
The trick or treat guys and gals together again

Halloween afternoon the whole clan of Barger cousins brought their kids to Uncle Tee-Tee's house to be spoiled by him with lots of treats. He made a "dashing" Jack Sparrow.

Getting ready for the fun...JJ agreed to wear a cape with his flashing teeth.

Who needs to go trick-or-treating when the grandparents (my parents and Chris's dad included) bring bags full of surprises?
Saturday, October 29 marked Mia's sixth birthday party at Le Jardin Tea Room in Sweetwater. Happy Birthday, Mia! Thank you Jewel for the lovely party!!! The girls had a sweet time with lots of goodies to eat, makeovers, and pretend play in a beautifully decorated room. All the adults enjoyed a little shopping time, too. Thanks Mamaw Teina for going with us...We can hardly wait to celebrate your birthday there in December!
I loved this Cinderella tea pot in which the girls were served their tea.

The hostesses were extremely nice and patient with the little ladies as they fluttered about the room. Tori was hesitant about the whole make over thing, but she finally agreed to some blush and lip gloss.

Well, as I have looked back to last week and Halloween weekend, it wasn't a total waste. I can now sympathize with those who suffer from chronic back problems...I literally felt your pain. As of today, I can say that I am back to my old self, thank goodness. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Up next...The almost finished kitchen reveal!!! Check back soon!

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Kim K. said...

I've been so eager for these pictures. ADORABLE! Your husband makes an awesome Gru! Looks like a spectacular Halloween. What a sweet tea party. Such a special day for such special girls.

I hope you are on the mend and I can't wait to see the big kitchen reveal.