Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Endings, May Beginnings

She cracks me up with her pretend play with the dogs. If a laundry basket is available, she will place it at our front door, put the dogs in, and get in herself. On this day, she was giving a play-by-play to the dogs on the events unfolding on our quiet street. (4/29/11)

Creative fun this afternoon while Paw and Dad are putting together my craft/scrap box...a skateboard and a box is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon at home.
Spending Saturday afternoon at a skate party...JJ is really a good skater, and Tori is on her way!
Saturday morning kite making and flying...

After our morning visit to Chuck E Cheeses on our Monday off, we took some sandwiches to Riverfront Park for a picnic and a little more playtime. Tori is learning to pump those legs when she swings...although she would prefer to be pushed.

J.J. had been saving all those ticket slips from Chuck E Cheeses for a long time and was excited to see something that he wanted...a mini skateboard park.
Havin' some fun at Chuck E Cheeses on our day off on Monday after Easter
"Busy, busy, busy" is the only way to describe our last week of April. And May, well, is getting quite booked! I was so glad that we had the Monday off after Easter to catch our breath before things take full swing. We have about four weeks of school left, and the end can't come fast enough. I am so ready to start my summer break with all the good times ahead.

Wednesday was one of those extreme weather days here. We spent a good deal of time at school out in the halls because of the tornado warnings. It was downright scary at times; however, all we received here was lots of wind and rain. There were tornadoes and micro bursts in Knoxville, with places that received hail the size of baseballs. As far as our area, we had minor damage and injuries compared to places in upper East Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. Chris's aunt, who lives near Tuscaloosa , was without power for two days. My heart goes out to all those families who were effected and lost loved ones. If I heard correctly this morning, there are still many unaccounted for. I really fear that we will have several more of these violent weather patterns here in the South. Let's hope for the best!

On a much lighter note, I really enjoyed watching the pomp and circumstance of the Royal Wedding on Friday. It really amazed me how interested my students were in this event. Then I remembered that they had never seen one like I had. The new princess's dress was beautiful...It so reminded me of Princess Grace's wedding gown (and I have been captivated with her her rise from a Hollywood star to a princess ever since I was a teenager). I do wish the royal couple a happy and joyful life together.

Well, as it is time to get the kids in bed for another week of routine and every-minute-filled evenings, I had better end this post. The Whaleys have lots in store for May! I hope to keep you posted as often as possible.


Kim K. said...

I love Tori's laundry basket pictures. Too darn cute. I'm glad the scary weather didn't do more significant damage to your area. We had the sirens go off Wednesday night and took shelter. The first thing Chris checked was the treehouse. The royal wedding was simply magical. I thought her dress was just gorgeous. Emma and I were glued to the tv Friday re-watching the highlights.

Best wishes with the school year countdown.

Mahmee said...

That basket with the dogs...that is just the best picture. I love that. Cuties.
I was thinking about you guys during the storms out there. I'm glad to hear that you weren't much affected. Terri and Mike almost lost their pond liner (and fish) but, didn't get hit much more than that.
Hoping the weather settles down and stays that way!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

The wedding was magical - we have enjoyed it 5 times and yesterday our Dover paper dolls arrived so we can reinact it.

That photo with the pups is adorable. I love photos of children with pets. (As I post this my dog is licking my foot!!).
and that Kite festival sounds wonderful too.
PS I am so glad your family is okay, there has been so much extreme weather, the devestation and loss in the southern United States breaks my heart.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

You are so busy...but having so much fun. The picture of Tori in the laundry basket with the dogs is adorable.