Monday, April 25, 2011

Some Tidbits About the Easter Scrapbook

1. Thanks Kim K. for the peat pot idea. The kids had a good time stringing the beads and helping me set the table. I have had an order by my mom to make around 20 autumn-themed for her fall ministry project!
2.. The decoupage eggs with my brothers' names and my name was made by my mom in 1978. (See Easter crafts page.) This year I followed her lead and made my nephews, niece, and my kids eggs with Peter Rabbit scrap.
3. A funny...I have changed the fridge calender to April. (See egg coloring scrapbook page.) That just shows you how darn busy things have been lately!
4. Because things were so busy on Saturday, and with Mia and Joseph visiting for the afternoon, we didn't get to make our Despicable Me minion eggs...maybe next year!

Check back soon for our fun-filled Monday post!

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La Vie Quotidienne said...

sounds like you have been exceptionally busy...but with lots of fun things. Nice to hear that the garden in finished, I am sure it will give you lots of pleasure. Have a great day!