Friday, April 1, 2011

A Little Friday Night This and That

My little assistant decorator and her space

The year-round topiary tree with a spring make-over

All of this...

Ends up here



and finally here.

Yes, her dad and Paw let her try out her skates in the kitchen this evening. And you can really see our need for cabinets...Yep, I am counting down the days!

Okay, I will admit it...I am a decorating fiend when it comes to holidays. It makes me happy! My grandmother and mother passed this gene along to me, so I really can't help it. AND they both have passed along the gene that will not let me pay full price for anything, especially holiday decor. Their philosophy...You can get so much more for your money when you wait for that half-price or lower sale! Really, it pays to wait. For example, Tori and I visited our local discount store that just opened in December. We walked in and spied 90% off St. Patrick's Day decor! Oh, happy day!!! There's nothing like a discount shopper finding those bargains! However, to satisfy my holiday decor shopping BEFORE any holiday, I do visit Tuesday Morning. Usually spending about ten to fifteen dollars is my limit, and I can really make that amount count there while getting top-quality stuff. This year, I am already eyeing Pier 1's collection of Easter goodies. And the best thing is that we have the day off after Easter so that I can shop first thing that morning.

Tori has been bitten by the decorating bug, too. She loves to help me go through the storage containers, sort, and then decide where we need to place things. One recent purchase has been refurbished table and chair set that looks like it was made just for her and our living room. Around the same time, I bought the trio shelf in the corner. Tori picks out what she wants to go in her space, and I think she does a good job arranging with just a bit of suggestion from me. As she decorates, she will tell me, "When I have MY house..." and fill in with various things like, "I will have lots of bunnies to decorate with" or "I am going to use lots of flowers in it." Too cute and sweet really...

Well, we have lots of plans for the weekend since the movie Hop is coming out, and it is supposed to be really nice weather, too. I really hope to get my rump out of bed in the morning to go to an estate sale that I have heard has some great treasures to discover. Keep your fingers crossed!

Hope you had a great April Fools Day...I know that JJ and I both had some fun with teachers and students alike!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Your spring decorations looks so great Cindy and your daughter is so beautiful. My girls haven't tried out roller skates yet! how fun. Enjoy the weather and the movie - it looks fun!

Kim K. said...

You know how much I adore holiday decorations and I always love seeing how others have decorated. Beautiful displays, Cindy. Have a fun weekend.

PS. We're across the state with Chris's family. We'll be spending the day at the Nursing home with Chris's mom. It's the first time the girls will have seen her since the stroke. Say a prayer. I'm nervous.

Mahmee said...

Very, very nice.
I do not feel challenged at all unless I find a deal. The spouse calls it 'chasing coupons'. I just call it a sickness. Ha.