Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chinese New Year Lanterns

What you will need:
24 small red envelopes (I used the same pattern.)
transparent tape
ribbon or small cord
a decorative tassel (optional)
Step one: Make sure that the tabs on the envelopes are closed.

Step two: Tape two together.

Step three: Continue to tape one on top of each other until you have three on one side and three on the other.

Step four: Fold them out to form the star pattern.

Step five: Tape envelopes around the outside of the star until you have enclosed all sides.A tip: I taped my pieces from behind so the tape wouldn't show. Just tape from behind then fold over to match sides just like you see in the picture before this one.
Step six: Halfway around, tape your cord to the inside.

Step seven: Put the horizontal piece aside when finished.

Step eight: Now repeat steps to make the vertical section of the lantern.

Step nine: Make a loop and tape at the end to make a hanger for your lantern.

Step ten: Now tape the horizontal and vertical pieces together with the cord in the center. Then tape the loop at the top and the tassel at the bottom. (Be generous with the tape!)
Hang and enjoy!

Some red envelop facts: ("Hong bao" or "lai see") are given year-round much like greeting cards are given in the Western tradition. The envelopes usually contain crisp, new money and are given by married couples to children and unmarried adults. Red envelopes are printed in various designs in gold, many decorated with a dragon, phoenix, firecrackers, smiling children, giant fish...all symbolizing happiness, prosperity, and good fortune. The most popular time to give red envelopes is during Chinese New Year.


Kim K. said...

Your tutorial is absolutely fabulous. I'm so excited about this project. Can I link to it later this week when I show off other CNY crafts?

Mahmee said...

Well, aren't you crafty! OK, I already knew that. I made my own red envelopes this year. That's about as far as I'm taking the crafting. We are decorated for CNY and Valentine's Day. Your mantle looks great.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I found your fabulous tutorial via Kim K. This a wonderful use for money envelopes. I use them for garlands and will hopefully post something next week. My family has also been working on some CNY crafts, latest one here

Truly Blessed said...

Holy cow, this is CUTE!!!

How creative are YOU? We are so going to do this fun craft!

Pagoda Road said...

I love your lanterns! What a clever project. I look forward to sharing this with Pagoda Road readers in a future post.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I saw these on Kim's blog and couldn't wait to see how to make them! They are beautiful! ♥