Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Third Forever Family Day

The "precious" twosome...Happy Forever Family Day 2011!

You just have to love these two crazy kids!

The actual date for Tori's adoption day is January 21, but Saturday ended up being the best day for us to have some time together to eat out and celebrate. We took the kids after Tori's birthday party to Rafferty's for some great food and to open their gift from China...This year's featured gift was a nice set of chopsticks. I hope to get some chopstick practice with them before we celebrate Chinese New Year . Chris and I received a lovely set at Christmas from one of Chris's colleagues at the college. My plan is to use them at our CNY celebration meals from this year onward.

Three years as a family...Time has flown by. Eleven years ago Jonathan came to bless us, and three years ago, Tori came to add to the blessings. Yes, both of them can try our patience, but we love these two little minions with all our hearts! Thank you, God for sending them to us!!!

Check back soon for Tori's party pics...I am going to work on a smilebox scrapbook as soon as I get all the pictures downloaded and organized from TWO cameras!


Kim K. said...

Happy Forever Family Anniversary! 3 years has gone by so fast. We need to do some serious practice with our chopsticks too. Can't wait to see party pics. Hugs!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

How nice of you to stop by and visit me and leave such a nice comment. What a lovely family you have...both children are adorable and look so very, very happy. I wish you all a wonderful and happy Family Anniverary.(-:

PandaMom said...

Awe!!! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Your sweet China darling is soooo cute! ; )

Heather said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. I enjoyed visiting your blog! What a lovely family! I look forward to learning more!