Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dr. Tori, DVM

If you were wondering where in the world I was last week since there was no post since Veteran's Day, well Tori had another round of RSV. She went to her pediatrician at the beginning of the week, and he sent us home with meds for the nebulizer and an antibiotic. Thank goodness it all started working by Thursday, or she might have ended up in the hospital for a few nights.

Anyway, when she began to feel better, she got out her little doctor bag and started treating her "patients." Those dogs really love her because this particular kit had bandaid stickers. (I came to their rescue and pulled them off gently.) They let her put them on, and sat patiently while she listened to their hearts and checked their ears. Perci and Sophie are extremely tolerant, and boy are we blessed that they are!

Thank heavens she is feeling better, but I think that all that medicine has really put her in a raw mood. Please pray that we all can endure Lil' Miss Sour Puss a bit longer!


Kim K. said...

What is it with RSV and our little Asian beauties? We've been dealing with nebulizers all fall with Josie. I hope your little sweetie is on the mend. Bring on Thanksgiving break! I'm sooo ready!!

Mahmee said...

Poor sweet pumpkin. I'm glad she's doing better. Love those pups!