Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Our "Farm On" at the TN Valley Fair

We watched as they sheered sheep. Tori's thoughts about the sheep exhibit? "This place is stinky in here. I don't like it!" I don't think we have an ag major on our hands. . .
Enjoying all the rides, slides, and fun houses that the fair has to offer.

This was an interesting one. J had a good time in the air ball suspended in water, but he said it was really hot inside.

At the exhibits in the Jacob's Building. . .AND meeting up with infamous Bee from B97.5 station. I love to listen to their Morning Show with Brad and Ashley as I rush around to get ready for school.

Living in this area, you know that fall is around the corner when the TN Valley Fair is in town. Yesterday was a wash out with the thundershowers. (It stormed so much last night that they delayed the UT game for at least 70 minutes, AND evacuated Neyland Stadium, fans and all. From what I understand, that was a first!) So we stayed around the house and enjoyed some home time until Addison's first birthday party. It was a blessing that the skies cleared long enough to celebrate at the family pool yesterday afternoon. We opted to hit the fair today after church, and it was a beautiful day with blue skies, low humidity, and a steady breeze.

This week, as well as next week, is a busy one with school activities, football practice, and ballet. Plus I go to the diabetes training center at my doctor's office for my continuous glucose monitoring system! I can't wait to start using it! So you may not hear from me until next weekend. . .Hope your week is a great one!


Kim K. said...

Great pictures. You always jam a lot into your weekend adventures. Sounds like you have a very busy week ahead. My Chris is leaving me alone mid-week to chaperon 5th grade camp and I'm dreading single parenthood. Best wishes with your glucose monitoring training.

Mahmee said...

The little man is already walking on water. Nice. Looks like the usual Whaley fun time. Hey, I would just like to let you know that I, Mahmee, have actually sheared a sheep...myself. Oh yes. Ha ha.