Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Last Weekend of Summer

A Saturday night camp out in the yard. . .Yep, it was one of those "Dad" things in which I was able to bow out gracefully. The kids really had a great time, and Dad was a great heater when the temps fell into the 50s.
It's football time in Tennessee. . .And not just for the Vols!
Even though this is one of those, "Okay, Mom enough-with-the-camera looks," I still think he looks handsome in his uniform.
Way to hustle, J.J.!
What we worked on all week besides regular homework. . .An ocean food chain and ocean diorama. . .He also had a grade report this week; he is doing awesome so far! Way to go, J.J.!
My ode to Wicked for the Halloween season...I just had to have the black feather tree at Hobby Lobby. But I did get it 50% off this weekend!
A neat addition. . .The Wizard of Oz dolls were mine when I was about seven years old, and boy did I love playing with the set. I still have all the dolls, but the witch's castle didn't make it. They are basically in good shape, but they are missing shoes and other accessories.
Besides the some of the mantles in the house, I did decorate my topiary tree in the dining room. I am really happy with the way it turned out.

I hate to wish my life away, but I am glad that this week is behind us. There was just way too much going on during and after school this week! Next week is a bit better, but not by much! Today has been a recuperation day, and we all needed it in the worst way!

I am happy to report that my continuous glucose monitoring system is working great. The technology they have for diabetics nowadays just astounds me. Yes, it took some effort to finally have one in my possession, but I am really glad that I did it. The sensor and my pump work together to allow me to see my blood sugar levels at about 10 minute intervals. I won't bore you with more details, but it is just so, so cool!

Well, going on with the week, ballet was a bust this past Wednesday. Tori refused to participate, and just stood there and cried. She kept repeating, "I don't like ballet. . .I am tired. . .Let's go home!" After trying to work with her for about ten minutes, I gave up and took her home. I am hoping that this was just a one-time thing and that she was just tired. This Wednesday, I am going to make sure she gets a full nap, so this won't happen again.

That just about covers it. I hope that our fans have a great beginning to the Fall season! Come on cooler, Fall weather. . . We need you here in East Tennessee!

Many hugs,


Kim K. said...

I love love love your decorations!! Sounds like you have had a very full week. I'm not a camper either. Gotta love husbands who are willing to "rough" it with the kiddos. Have a great week ahead. Happy Fall!

Mahmee said...

Cool decor. That tree you decorated is aawesome.
Hope this is a smoother week for y'all.