Monday, June 7, 2010

Hilton Head Fun. . .The Final Chapter

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Finally, we are home and have access to the Internet! I will brag on Chris. . .He is a wiz and very patient when it comes to computer/technology problems. I, on the other hand, get flustered and impatient. Thanks, Sweetheart for being my knight in shining armor and working to try to get us back online all week!

And since we are talking problems here, I will admit that we had our share while at the beach. First, I accidentally knocked Chris's electric shaver onto the floor. Then, our spray sunscreen exploded in my beach bag and ruined my camera. Then, we had to buy a new tire for my van! I am tried to look at the good side to all of this: 1.) Chris was due for a new shaver anyway; 2.) When I bought our camera last year in Orlando, I bought the protection plan. (We usually never do this.) So, tomorrow, I am taking it back to Best Buy for a repair or new one. I found a good replacement for now at Target in Hilton Head for under $75! 3.) Our tire problem could have happened on the road home and could have caused a blowout. The Lord certainly blessed us with this one!

Despite our little obstacles, we had a good time. The kids really enjoyed being with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Uncle Tee-Tee kept them busy with treasure hunts every morning that revealed all kinds of great loot. And after our family photo shoot, he gave them flashlights and glow sticks to make into jewelry and other creative glow wear. Along with what he brought, I found some glow butterfly wands and swords at the Dollar Tree. The whole family had a glow party/flashlight fest on the beach that night. The adults had just as much fun as the kids! We even had an audience of other families at one point who though that our glow gear was great.

Speaking of the photo shoot, it went remarkably well. The photographers were very nice and really spent time working with us to get certain poses, as well as, working well with the kids. My almost nine month niece Addison really stole the show with her cute smiles and clapping hands. In fact, all the kids did really well and cooperated for a full hour without much complaining. And the results? Well, let's just say that the whole family is going to pitch in to buy the photo CD so that we can make all the pictures we want including those for Christmas cards.

On Thursday my nephew Drake turned the big five. So his mom and dad put together a party for him at the resort pool area. Of course, they decided to hold with the pirate theme Uncle Tee-Tee established for the trip. My mom even bought them all pirate shirts for the occasion. The kids thought that it was cool to have a birthday party at the beach since both their birthdays are in the winter months.

Well, I love the beach, but I am glad to be home. The kids have Bible school all this week, so they have something to look forward to. And Chris and I will celebrate our 17th Anniversary on Saturday. We are not sure what we are going to do to celebrate, but I am hoping that we get a chance to go and eat a romantic meal at one of our favorite spots!

Finally, I will just say that I am already tired of this heat and humidity! It's way too early to suffer this soon. And it was that way at the beach, too.

Hoping that you find a cool, shady and peaceful place this week!


Kim K. said...

I love your smilebox photo album. What an amazing trip despite a few wrinkles along the way. Glad to have you back online again.

Happy soon-to-be Anniversary! We're just one year apart from each other! I can't wait to hit our cottage rental in less than 2 weeks. Your pics have me anxious to feel the sand again. I'd even take some of your warm humid weather. Hugs!

Mahmee said...

The smilebox photo album is great.
I try to see the bright side of electronics and appliances breaking as well as they get to be replaced...woohoo! Oh shucks, my 1959 oven broke...guess I get a new one. Ha ha.
Hey, Happy Anniversary to you guys. Have a great weekend!