Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just a Note to Say. . .

We are still having a great time, but our home laptop is not accessing the Internet. (Chris brought his work laptop and graciously let me on to post this.) Hopefully, we can correct the problem soon, so that we can share our pics and fun with you. In about two hours, the whole fam is meeting up for a professional group shot and individual family shots. It should prove to be interesting with six kids, six parents, two grandparents, and one uncle all with minds and wills of their own!

Until later,


Kim K. said...

Best wishes with the photo shoot!

Mahmee said...

Boy, oh boy....I finally got caught up with about a month of your fun posts. Swimsuits and beaches and fun...oh my! I am jealous...of course. You all look great! Love those treasure hunts and the cupcakes. Looks like great weather too.
Saturday here was a beautiful day and I'll take what I can get. Although 25 days of rain out of 30 isn't very encouraging. If the rain ever stops, we will make our own trek to the beach for a couple of days.
Happy June!