Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a Great Beginning to Spring Break!

One last stop before heading home. . .Chuck E Cheese's to play a few games, climb, and slide.

Paw Estel and Mamaw came on Tuesday afternoon to watch the kids play, and then they took us to our favorite Pigeon Forge restaurant, The Blue Moose to celebrate my birthday and Mamaw's since we share the same birthday.

If I had to choose a favorite picture of our trip, it would have to be this one.

She gives this water swing a thumbs-up!

"Mom, I need to rest just for a minute!"

J.J. loves to play with his sister and is really good to help her. Although he does like to make her scream at times!

"Can I go down the yellow side TWO more times?!?"

J.J. took this one. She cooperates for pictures better for him than me!

With this trip to the park, Chris decided to splurge for a hour of flowboard lessons for he and Jonathan. Andrew was their teacher and was he ever an awesome boarder and teacher. Both of them did well, and J.J. is ready for the next time so he can learn even more tricks!
The kids took a break Monday afternoon and enjoyed a couple of hours of FREE putt-putt at Old McDonalds. The manager had seen Chris's post on youtube of J.J.'s version of their courses he made here at home. She sent us an email telling us that she loved it and gave us free passes to play. Actually, they played; I shopped with my birthday money from my thoughtful family at Chico's.
Okay, over 100 pictures later, we are at home doing all the things that need to be done when you get home from a trip. After washing, folding and putting away clothes and unpacking. . .Remind me why we do this? Just kidding! We had a great time at Wilderness at the Smokies, and we have lots of pictures to prove it. As you could see above, I didn't post them all. It was hard, but I picked some of my favorites.

The rest of the break, we are at home. We have an appointment or two, some chores ahead, a few birthday celebrations, and some other fun things planned in there, too. Check back soon for the second half of our break!

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Kim K. said...

Looks like a super family get-away. I'm especially impressed with the flow board pics. Your husband is very brave. Enjoy the rest of your week. It goes by too darn fast.