Sunday, April 25, 2010

An American Girl Weekend

Posing with Jurnee Carr, Miss Teen Tennessee 2010. . . Tori just loved her crown.

Little American Girls. . .

Hey, aren't we are all American Girl stars!?!

Enjoying the show. . .All the little girls who came got a neat gift bag filled with American Girl stuff.

A group shot of the models at the show

The back entrance to the hotel. . . very pretty and peaceful!

All the girls pose in the hotel lobby before the show

Breakfast with Mamaw and her Bitty Baby. . .

The two just before bath/bed time on Friday night. . .

I have been waiting on this weekend to come for awhile now. Tori has been excited about it all week, too. But she really didn't understand all there was to it until we got to Niswonger Performing Arts Center in Greenville (way Northeast of us) on Saturday morning. What was going on in this small historic town? Why we went to see an American Girl Fashion Show!

Our trip began on Friday night, and not just the two of us. We had Mamaw Teina with us, AND Aunt Audrey and Addison also joined us for our fun trip. Unlike me and Audrey agreed, we decided we would just find a place to stay when we arrived in Greenville. Well, we ended up staying at the absolutely beautiful historic General Morgan Inn and at a reasonable price. We felt like royalty, especially with the excellent, elegant breakfast we had the next morning.

After eating breakfast, we went to the fashion show. Little girls from age 6 to 10 modeled all the era clothing that the dolls wear, along with their play and night clothing. They also modeled some of the contemporary clothing line they offer for little girls and dolls. Tori was okay through most of it, but did began to get a bit bored toward the end. (And Addison slept through most of it!) The "big girls" who went (my mom, Audrey and me) absolutely had a ball. To me, these dolls are just as much for the moms and grandmoms, as they are for the daughters and granddaughters!

Plus, the proceeds of this show went to CASA of Northeast Tennessee. This is an organization that helps children who are going through the court system for whatever reason. They are assigned an adult who is a Court Appointed Special Advocate who has been trained to be the liaison between the child and the court. They work for the good of the child, and several years ago Chris was on the board of our local CASA. So, we know all the great things they do for children in this area.

And don't think that J.J. and Drake were left at home to be totally bored. Both Dads (plus a grandad) really did some entertaining! J.J. got to eat at Aubrey's on Saturday, AND Chris took him back to the Bounce House to slide and jump. Drake had his dad and Big Paw all to himself along with a visit to Chuck E Cheese's! Thanks all you guys for holding down the forts while ALL the ladies had such a great time away from home.

I can't believe that May is just around the bend! (But, I think I always say that every month.) This month is the biggie with LOTS of school functions and wrapping up the school year. Plus this is the month for mothers. . . Hey, I don't feel a bit guilty that we have a day to honor us!

Have a great last week of April.


Kim K. said...

Emma is SUPER impressed with your American Girl doll event. How fun. Happy "very early" Mother's day. I can't believe it's nearly May. I'm so ready.

Mahmee said...

Yowsa! What a fun girly event. AG fashion show...R would totally pee her pants.
I gotta say, I'm ready for May too. April here just means rain, rain, and then more rain. There's a reason why it's green and all but...blech.
Happy week!