Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mid Autumn Moon Festival and More

Our Families with Children from China group met on Friday night to celebrate with eating lots of good food, making lanterns for the lantern parade, and sending our wishes up with the sky lanterns.

The playground at The Cove is always a favorite with  all the kids.

AND JJ shows the evidence as he showered himself with water to cool off!

Our favorite part of the evening...

We used 100% bio-friendly lanterns this year.

It really is a beautiful sight as the water mirrors the rising lanterns.

"Just like in Tangled!"

The Cove at Concord Park is always lovely with the full moon.

These two gals really miss each other since school started for Tori.  They spent Saturday morning together as my mom, Audrey, the girls, and I checked out the grand opening of a new children's boutique in town.

At the Greek fest today...Lots of excitement and lots of Greek food!
I hope that your weekend has been as fun-filled as ours has been.  We can't complain about our fall weather this year. 

Tomorrow afternoon Chris will be voted in (hopefully!) as the fifth president of  Roane State Community College.  The Board of Regents will vote by conference call on the Oak Ridge Campus at 4 p.m. (EST).  He will officially take office on November 1.  I will keep you posted on this exciting time for all of us!

Have a great week!


Kim K. said...

Happy Moon Festival! We celebrated BIG time this weekend too. Adorable pics, Cindy!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Happy Mid autumn festival, what's marvellous celebration and lantern!

Mahmee said...

Hope the vote went well and all is wrapped up for you guys. Happy autumn.