Monday, July 23, 2012

Mermaid Tails

For our annual tea at the end of June, Mia and Tori chose a mermaid theme with their friendly pirate friends as their special guests.  The skirts were found in the Target dollar bins with a bit of added seaweed (yarn) and clearance crystal strands.  Their matching tee shirts came from Children's Place during one of their great sales.  I should have done a better job of photographing, but the decor on the porch was really cute with crepe paper, glitter fish and shell strands.
They dined on the below buffet.  The glasses were found last year on clearance for 45 cents!

A table fit for a mermaid...
Jewel prepared the food...I really liked the oysters (sugar cookie shells, marsh mellow pearls, and pink frosting) and the below octopus hot dogs with mustard eyes.  The pretzel sticks were darling with white chocolate, gold and blue sprinkles and colorful candy fish.

The guests always enjoy the crafts.  Here they are making Family Fun's mermaid wands.  I decided to use sandpaper glued to thick card stock instead using loose sand and glue.
I always enjoy scouting out the crafts for the parties.  Tori is showing you the mermaid "place cards" also from Family Fun.  (I wrote their name on the tail.) The guests also placed stickers on peat pots and strung beads on pipe cleaners for the handles of their "sand pails" in which to hold their party treats.
Another crafty idea...I couldn't find cupcake picks that I liked, so I used the bottom of the cupcake wraps, mounted them on card stock, and used a bit of fine glitter to dress them up.  Jewel added the edible pears to her wonderful icing. 

More crafting pictures...

After swimming in Mia's new pool, the girls modeled their new mermaid tails made with a beach towel and pony tail holder...Another idea from a reader of Family Fun!  I think that the girls agreed that this was the best summer "tea party" yet!


Kim K. said...

What a darling theme. Those oyster cookies are precious and who can resist a hotdog octopus. Love the mermaid tails from beach towels.

Mahmee said...

That is so awesome.
R loves those hot dog octopi.
She wants a tea party for her 7th birthday. Any websites you favor for tea party ideas?