Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend 2012

Yes, JJ is missing in this photo, and it makes me feel really bad putting this one up.  But, I am trying to get back to the swing of things! (At Grey Gables on Saturday)

Not everyone gets a chance to go back in time.  As of May 27, they will close the doors to my elementary school.  Dyllis Elementary was my home as a student in my K-5 years.  It is just a little school nestled in the beautiful valley were I grew up.  This was my classroom for my 4th and 5th grade years. I am so glad they had a open house for the alum and community on Saturday.

They still have the original wood floors when it opened it's doors in the 1940s.

My first grade classroom in the once new wing of the school.  These two cuties are my niece and nephew.

My brothers and I attended the school.  Tony, Tim, and I  had Mrs. Kwasnaski (seated) as our second grade teacher.  Brenda (standing) was the school secretary, and she graduated high school with our mom and dad, too.

Off to Rugby for the annual parent and grandparent lunch.  Unfortunately JJ was sick and Chris stayed behind with him.  I guess this was Tori's one time in the limelight as JJ had his grandparents all to himself for the first seven years of his life.  It still hurt my heart to leave he and his dad behind.  Thankfully he is much better!

Tori wants a cat badly.  I just don't see adding one with P and S in the house!  These are the Grey Gables cats that she and J play with every year.

In the town of Rugby. . . This is the school house.  We are in the process of kindergarten registration, and oh am I having a hard time with this.  My little girl with the pink blankie that is her constant companion will be ushered into all kinds of new experiences, both good and bad.  Why can't they stay little just a while longer?

Okay on the subject of growing up...Here is one of my dearest friends and her daughter Allie at the Baccalaureate service held for the seniors where I teach.  I am so happy for Allie, but my heart brakes for Diane because I know that as a mom a new chapter is beginning.  I used to babysit Allie when she was about two as Diane worked on her M.S.  I feel so blessed to have been a part of Allie's life.

And finally a pic with JJ!!!  Happy Mother's Day to my mom and my mother-in-law.  I couldn't manage without them!
 Sorry if things seem a little haphazard today with the blog.  I am desperately trying to get back in the groove.  Since the end of February things have been much different around this household.  JJ joined the middle school golf team, so that has been lots of practice, lessons, and games in the afternoons.  Chris is applying for the President's position at the community college in which he works.  That has meant more time away from home and longer days for him.  So my job at home has been a bit more interesting.  I really appreciate all that he does to help, and it is so apparent how much he really does when he isn't around.  (I am blessed that he is such a wonderful husband and dad.)  My job has been interesting to put it very mildly.  Tennessee teachers are really being slammed with too much unnecessary, and I hope things change next year or the state will lose some really great and dedicated teachers!  Hey, I may be one of them!!!  Lastly, I had surgery two weeks ago, and I am still not functioning at 100%.  I went back to work on Thursday much to Chris and my mom's dismay.  (I am one of the teachers in charge of graduation festivities at my high school, so I felt that I need to be there to finish all that I had started.)

So anyway there it is.  A ton of excuses of why I haven't been a good blogger or blogger buddy for these past two months.  There is lots to catch up on, and I hope to begin this week.  I promise I will first catch up on all my blog friends first.  In the mean time, I hope that your Mother's Day was the best ever!!!


Kim K. said...

Welcome back. You've been missed. I've been worried about you. I hope you are taking care of yourself. Beautiful pictures.

Happy Mother's day!

Lisa said...

Happy Mother's Day, Cindy! Glad to see you back in action on the blog, but sorry you've been so busy and recovering from surgery! I've also been slacking on my blog, but I don't have any valid reasons like you do...

Mahmee said...

Hey! So glad to see that you are up and around. Hope that 100% finds you soon. Sorry that JJ got sick. R has been sick for 2.5 weeks now. It just keeps hanging on. Take care of yourself!

Kim K. said...

I got your special necklace today. You are so darn sweet, Cindy. I've got a full week of faculty development workshops that I'm teaching and I will wear your necklace proudly. Thank you!!!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

PS I have missed your posts. I have not been posting that regularily either as I have been finding things difficult to manage with work and home.

Denise said...

Hi Cindy,

I loved looking at all of your pictures. I haven't been keeping up with many blogs lately and was glad to take some time to peek at yours today.

I know how you feel about Tori going to Kindergarten this fall. We were nervous about it too, but Avery loves school and she adjusted very well. She's also attached to her blankie and various stuffed animals. I got her a tiny stuffed animal that clips to her backpack just in case she "needed" a little friend during the day. They do grow up way too fast!

Enjoy your summer,