Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twas the Night Before Surgery...

His finished project for math

And JJ is hard at work on projects due at the end of the week, studying for a test, and the usual homework load.  What is really on his mind right now is not polygons, Greek column orders, science or essays.  It is his second surgery on tap for tomorrow morning. Since the stone is still around, they are going to remove it and the stent.  Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and they won't need to insert a post op stent.  It is funny to be saying this, but I am so glad that I have dealt with this several times myself.  Jonathan is confident in the fact that his old Mom has experience in this department, and I can tell him exactly what will happen and how much it may or may not hurt.  He is still very nervous, though.  Last time he was so sick, he really wasn't aware of too much going on.  Please be in prayer for him in the morning.  Thanks so much!


Kim K. said...

Prayers flowing from West MI. I'm glad you can offer first hand experience. My husband has kidney stones and I can't imagine dealing with this as a child. I'll be anxious for updates. Extra hugs!!!

PS. I mailed a package first thing this morning to your house. It includes things for both of your kiddos.

Mahmee said...

So glad the surgery went well this morning! Sparkly sent a big envelope for the kids today. Get some rest over there!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I hope the surgery went well, I have been thinking about you. I can imagine the nerves and worries for all of you.

I do wish a speedy recover and good spirits to celebrate next week. The peat pot CNY baskets are adorable. Thinking about you!