Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grow 'Em Big and Grow 'Em Orange

Well, maybe not Tori so much...But, like the rest of us Vols, her blood does run orange! Last week, her preschool class dressed in their orange to post a picture on Derek Dooley and the team's Facebook page.
Hey, even Perci and Sophie have orange flowing through their veins...
From head to toenails!

J and J had a rowing good time at the church picnic held at the beautiful Roane County Park on Sunday afternoon.
Tori loves those ducks...She made sure that everyone "played nice" as she threw them some food.
Chris had to stay close by so that they wouldn't nibble her, too!
Finally, some nice progress in the kitchen...We are at stage three and four with the cabinets in and the new appliances delivered and installed (except for the dishwasher and microwave). Stage five is in progress...The counter tops are on order, so it is another two-week wait.
Meanwhile my craft supplies for this season lay forlorn on the dining room table.

I just love this time of the mornings, warm afternoons, colors changing, fall decorations, Honey crisp apples, outdoor fun, UT football...just to name a few of my favorite things that remind me of a beautiful season. The fall weather has just been perfect this week!

The last two weekends have been spent in the kitchen getting things semi-organized as much as I can. (Remember those pile of boxes in the dining room? We are down to less that half! Hooray!) Our new fridge is the bomb! No more getting on my knees to put away food or shifting things around to find what I need. (Our old one was quite small!) Hopefully, the counter tops will be in sometime during Fall Break.

Speaking of that, we are counting down the left to be exact. Oh, JJ and I are more than ready. His homework is getting to be too much (and I mean literally...try about two/three hours a night...not to mention the fact I teach all day/Chris works all day and then we come home to teach our son)! AND I am just about over all these new teacher requirements. The teachers at my school feel like we are being told how to teach. Very stressful...So exhausted!

We have a big weekend planned so check back! Hope you are enjoying some great fall days, too.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Honey crisp apples are my favourite!!
Your kitchen beautiful, I can't wait to see the finished reveal (& I bet you can't either). Love all the orange, that cheerleader outfit is adorable. Happy fall!

Kim K. said...

I understand your exhaustion with teaching all day and then coming home to repeat it again at night. Not fun. Your kitchen is coming together nicely. Tori's cheerleader outfit is just darling.

PS. I sent you a special Halloween package today.

Halloween hugs!!

Joanna B said...

Her little outfit is adorable! Looks like you have some fun craft supplies there, too!

Heather said...

Ooh, I know how difficult it can be to come home and teach after a long day. There are days I feel the same way, and I'm just a sub!

Your new kitchen is really coming along, and, I must say, I am terribly jealous! Your refrigerator is just beautiful! We are in the process of doing a kitchen mini makeover, so I'll be checking in to steal some of your ideas! :)

Mahmee said...

That kitchen is smoking along quite nicely.
Sophie's toenails...that is awesome! We get softpaws put on Moxie's nails so, his are always blue. Maybe I should get yellow and black for the Steelers. Nah, there's enough Steelers 'love' around this house already.
Happy fall break...enjoy that time off.