Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Nicktastic Vacation, Part 7...Last Moments of Fun

Surviving the heat at Universal Studios...We arrived early so that we could call it a day when the heat became unbearable.
Tori's request of the day was to see the characters from Hop. She enjoyed seeing the chicks and the Pink Berets, but she really wanted to see E.B. As soon as they came out, she went right up to this chick and gave him a hug. Then she asked the lady with them, "Is E.B. coming, too?" The lady told her that E.B. was back at home preparing for Easter. She was disappointed in that bit of news, but was happy when the Pink Berets came out soon after.

We rode some of the rides that morning, but around lunchtime it became apparent that the day was going to be a real scorcher. So we headed to the kids' water attractions for a cooler experience.
JJ posed his sis in these pics...I was really surprised that she complied with his directions. Here she is showing you "Whew, it's hot out here!" Both kids put in a request for these to be posted on their blog. Request granted!
Her model pose with a bit of attitude...Love the hip action!
Tori took this pic with a bit of dad's help.
We did take a break despite the heat for little pirate mini golf. The lady working that evening was extremely nice. One neat thing they did here was give all the kids a goodie bag with pirate gear and coupons for other attractions.
(She is playing some serious putt-putt here.)

JJ is always a happy camper with mini golf!
What a great trip...But it wasn't much on rest and relaxation. Chris and I have decided that sometime in the fall, we are going to escape for a long weekend. Thanks for following us during our Nicktastic Vacation! Check back soon, as we have been on another short trip (Chris had a conference in Nashville.); Tori and I have been hostesses for our annual summer tea (with an Asian theme this year); and we had our summer bash at our neighborhood park, too.

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Heather said...

What a memorable vacation! Looks like just paradise for the kids! So glad to hear that you and your husband will be taking a long certainly deserve it! :)