Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Nicktastic Vacation, Part 4...A Place Where Dreams Come True!

Dreams can come true...We were all in awe of the castle fireworks show!
Starting out the day in Animal Kingdom...
With our character friends
And real ones alike...(All I could think of when we saw the lion on the safari ride was "And the lion sleeps tonight...")
Meeting up with a long-necked friend on the "Savannah"
And we couldn't leave out the feathered friends!
JJ was able to ride the Mt. Everest roller coaster three times! Hey, he even got old Mom on it one time!
While JJ enjoyed the thrill rides, Tori found some fun things to do that was in the shade and a bit cooler than walking around...
She learned what her name looks like in Thai and Arabic.In "Africa," she learned a new game and became quite good at it. The lady was extremely nice and very patient.

Later in the evening, after a cool-off time and a rest, we hopped on over to the Magic Kingdom. A downpour met us at the front gate. But with rain in the magical land of Disney, there is always a rainbow!
Taking a ride on the Cinderella carousel...
Waiting on the Electrical Parade...

Watching the fireworks before leaving all that magic...
The heat is almost unbearable, but we are making it okay. Days like this require lots of water and shade! Today we stayed at Nick and enjoyed what it had to offer. Check back later for that post!


Kim K. said...

Glorious pictures. I'm glad you are enjoying every part of your trip despite the heat. HUGS!!

Mahmee said...

Very FUN!!!!
Daddylicious was explaining to me what the heat is like at DisneyWorld in the summer (never been there). Blech. Stood in line many times in Disneyland in 100F in CA but, without humidity. Hope you guys stayed hydrated!
Looks like the kids are raking in the loot! Ha ha.