Monday, April 18, 2011

Wishing for Longer Weekends...

The family who walks together...

Helping Dad register runners for the RSCC Spring Classic, and Tori eating her second breakfast of the day

Havin' a little fun in the college parking lot after the run.

Pink dogwoods...My favorite!

The gang and their pooches

Helping mom out with the herbs at the roadside greenhouse

Speaking of plants...Here are my beautiful birthday arrangements from Chris, JJ and Tori...
And my mom, dad and Aunt Sarah
I am on a crusade this week to keep them alive and pretty for Easter weekend!

Weekends just go by too quickly in my book. Raise your hands if you want to vote for shorter work weeks and longer weekends! I do!!! I do!!!!

What a great one this was! Friday was filled with all kinds of birthday celebrating. Between my family, friends, and even my students, I felt like a queen for the day. Thanks everyone for all the cards, flowers, gifts, cake, lunch, dinner, and all the hugs and well-wishes. I really don't think that I deserved all the attention, but I really did have a great day!

Saturday morning started out with semi-good weather and the RSCC Fitness Center 5K Walk/Run. By the time it was over, it was rainy and cool. AND let me tell you that my legs were screaming at me by the end of that 3+ mile walk. JJ was a trooper to walk with his mom and my friend Diane. It was so nice to catch up and just have a good hour and twenty minutes with her, despite the fact we were going up hill some of the time! I finally was able to work on some Easter crafts, so check out my post on that later in the week.

Yesterday was just perfect, and the kids spent some of the afternoon at the park with Joseph and Mia. Tori and I planted some more herbs...I can't wait to start using them! The men of the house did some yard work...You know, just one of those days you hate to see come to an end.

This week should go by fairly quickly with the last day of JJ's TCAP testing tomorrow and Easter celebrations at the kids' schools. Both my kids have asked for cupcakes this week, so you know what I will be doing the next two nights! I am trying out an Easter basket design for Tori's, so I hope they turn out well for me to share with you. Wednesday I have a Girl's Night Out planned at the Melting Pot...Fondue with friends, perfect combo!

Let's cheer on a short week and a long weekend ahead!


Kim K. said...

I couldn't agree more with wanting longer weekends. They just seem to race by, whereas the work week goes by at a snail's pace. Sounds likes your birthday was lovely and your flowers arrangements are just gorgeous.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Do you find because you work outside the home that you try to pack so much into the weekend? I definitely do. When we have a long weekend, it always seems perfect!
Happy Easter Cindy!