Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blooms, Buddies, and Bowling

A sign of Spring...
Just havin' some fun!

JJ...The pro-bowler in our familyJust can't contain the excitement!
Bowling Buddies

What a beautiful pre-Spring weekend! The temps were mild and the rain held off to make way for just one of those great weekends.

The flora in our area is taking on that Spring look, and the trees are sporting their little buds. I can't wait to see some green leaves and grass!

Saturday was such a pretty day that we met the Jones kids for an afternoon of fun at the neighborhood park. The kids are excited that the Jones and Whaley families are all going to Wilderness in the Smokies together during our Spring Break. (It's next week....I can hardly wait!)

Sunday, after a great worship service, the kids wanted to go bowling at the local lanes. So we put on those "stylish" rental shoes and bowled a game. (T and J can often be found playing Wii bowling.) J.J. does a great job as he has been to several b-day parties since starting elementary school, and Tori, well the lightest ball they had was about 1/3 of her weight. But she had lots of fun rolling the ball with our help.

On a more serious note, I spent the weekend off and on watching the devastating effects of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. Our hearts go out to all those who are suffering and just trying to make sense out of all of this. Having a daughter who is Asian, I think, makes my heart ache even more. Our family hugged and loved on each other all weekend...You know things like this make you realize just how, in seconds, you can lose all that you have been blessed with in your life.

Have a wonderful evening with your family...Tell them that you love them and give them one of those great big bear hugs!


Kim K. said...

What lovely pictures. Your family always has the best adventures. I can't wait to join you in some spring blossoms. The mud is starting to peek through the snowbanks. It's a start!!!

PS. Thank you again for my sweet box of goodies. I hope someday I can bring my family back to TN. My time was much too short and filled with work. Tomorrow is our 3 year Josie anniversary. It's gone by so fast.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

such nice pictures...you all seem to be having so much fun! The last picture of the children is just stunning; they are so attractive and seem so loving to each other.(-: