Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Party with Neighborhood Friends

The cupid cutie cupcakes were a hit last night...I let them put on the icing and decorate them with the help of the adults. But, I did have the wings done already to make it go much smoother, and I helped them with the eyes, mouth, and fingers...So all-in-all, they looked pretty good, and the kids thought that they had completed a masterpiece!

Besides also exchanging Valentines, the kids made princess and prince crowns with just a white paper plate, glitter and hearts.

Getting together with friends was the goal last night. The younger crowd really enjoyed all that the moms had prepared, and the older boys (JJ included) enjoyed the game room at the youth center. One mom has organized a "secret pal" event. The kids have their "pals" now, so each month we send them a little gift or card until our summer event. Then, they will reveal their secret pal's name. We all thought this was a great idea...our kids love to play together, but with every one's schedules it's hard to see each other. This way they can "remember" their neighborhood friends between events.

Thankfully, everyone in the Whaley household is doing better! JJ went back to school yesterday...He is almost caught up with his school work! Tori and I have a touch of a cold, but we are doing fine. Today we have our CNY dinner at P.F. Chang, but before then, we are heading to the Home and Garden Show. (If everything works out as planned we hope to redo our kitchen this summer!) Anyway, I am preparing a New Year's rabbit cake to take with us. Check back soon!

Have a beautiful Saturday!


Kim K. said...

I'm so happy for you, Cindy. Looks like a fabulous party. I hope everyone is on the mend with germs. A kitchen redo is very exciting and stressful. You had better share lots of pics with us!! Enjoy your Chinese dinner tonight.

Have a great Saturday!

Heather said...

It sounds as though everyone is doing much better and the germs are gone! Here's to having lots of fun! Let us know how the kitchen plans are coming along!