Monday, February 21, 2011

Tryin' to Beat the Winter Blues!

Saturday we celebrated CNY with the Familes with Children from China group. We feasted on some good Chinese food including dumplings!
Tori really enjoyed the craft stations this year...

And was really excited about the dragon dance! She loves the Kai Lan episode when they move like the dragon..."Up like a dragon, down like a dragon, flap like a dragon, wiggle like a dragon..." is what she can be heard repeating around the house.

Friday was her CNY party at preschool. I ordered a free packet of goodies from China Express, and her teachers were thrilled to incorporate this into their curriculum this month. Thursday night, we made "good fortune" cupcakes and white chocolate dipped fortune cookies with red sprinkles. Her friends loved them! Thanks Kim K. for all the great ideas...They were certainly a hit!

They decorated their door at school with oranges and red envelopes. In the classroom, they had lanterns and fans everywhere. It was awesome!!! Before I left that morning, the kids also surprised me with a CNY song that kids sing in China. Wow! Was I impressed!
Monday through Wednesday, I went to the Beta Convention with about 40 Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. As you can see, the Opryland Hotel has fully recovered from the flood damage last May. They still don't know were all the water came from that caused millions and millions in damage to the hotel, mall, and the Grand Ole' Opry house, not to mention all the homes and other businesses in that area.

This is one of my favorite places in the Cascades section of the Atrium.

Grey, yucky, and mild is what our area looks like and feels like right now. We are enjoying above average temps, but I want to see some sun and some sign of life around here. I am so ready for green trees and the colors of spring! To me it's hard not to get a bit blue...Spring come soon!!!

Well, another week is ahead. At least we had today off in celebration of President's it's only a four-day week! (Hooray!!!) AND this weekend my friend from Oregon is coming to visit friends in Memphis, so Chris and I will head that way on Friday. I can't wait to see her!

Hope your week is a good one!


Kim K. said...

What fun CNY pictures. Sounds like a busy few days...especially with chaperoning duties thrown in too. I'm ready for spring too. This latest storm dumped 10 inches of new snow. Enough already!

Happy Tuesday!

Mahmee said...

Good grief, you all were very busy with CNY this year. Looks like fun. We low-keyed it with decor and a home-cooked Chinese meal at home this year.
R's preschool doesn't celebrate any holidays at all...which is kind of a drag but I get it. R checked out a book on CNY though on her monthly class field trip to the library and I saw them reading it that week. And they let us put valentine's for each class member into their mailboxes at school. So, the teachers at least are flexible.
I heart those CNY cupcakes...and the cupid cupcakes...and all of those other fun things you make. Makes me wish I had more of a sweet tooth.
See you Saturday! Woohoo!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Your cupcakes turned out AMAZING!!!! fabulous photos of the dragon dance. My girls love that same Kai Lan episode.