Sunday, February 6, 2011

Diagnosis: Flu and Strep!

I wanted to start on a positive note, so let's begin here. Thursday evening it was just T and mom. When those American Girl catalogs arrive, you can guarantee that she will study each page and make notes of what she would like to have next. We are still waiting for the bake set to arrive for her birthday!
No, no glasses yet, but she does look awfully cute in these. These were a "gift" from the head of the optical program from RSCC. Mom had gone to pick out and order new frames that afternoon from their optical department, and she came away with new frames, too. I can't wait to get my new ones...They are really stylish!
Speaking of American Girl, T and I finally got her CNY felt food done for her dolls and the kitchen set we are waiting on. The idea for this came from a new blog friend from let's go fly a kite. She has some great ideas for CNY and Valentine's Day crafts.
She is finally wearing these cute Mulan shoes I found TWO years ago at a Disney outlet for a steal. Mamaw Teina painted her nails on Tuesday, and she wanted to try these on to show them off. She has the cutest little feet!
This outfit was my favorite of all that we found in China. It came from a White Swan shop and was just a bit more that what others charged, but I had to have it for her. Her bitty baby is wearing the outfit that I purchased at "A Gift from China" shop on Shaman Island that donates some of its proceeds to China's orphanages.

Ah yes, it has been interesting around the Whaley house since Friday afternoon. It all started with the phone call from school...JJ was about the fifth student in his class to show symptoms of these raging illnesses. With an immediate phone call to his pediatrician, we were soon on our way with a "work-in" appointment. So here we are today with JJ suffering with a double whammy on Tami-flu and antibiotics and the rest of us on Tami-flu, too. Tori has been shipped to her grandparents at least until Tuesday, so that hopefully we can prevent her from getting it from her brother. Of course, we realize that she can get it anywhere because it is highly contagious. But, we want to keep her from direct contact. To say we miss her is a complete understatement! Please keep JJ in your prayers. He has been in bed since Friday afternoon...That shows you just how sick he is right now.

Well, this may be the only post for the next few days. We are hoping that he will be better by next weekend because we have some CNY and Valentine's celebrating to do!

Hope everyone is well in your household!!!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Cindy, your felt food turned out AMAZING. I am so sorry to hear about the flu affecting your household. My family had H2N3(???) between Christmas and New Years, it is very contagious and it was absolutely terrible (no comfort I am afraid). I will keep JJ in my thoughts and prayers. New Years Blessings to you my friend.

PS that outfit is absolutely gorgeous.

Kim K. said...

I'm so sorry that illness has hit your home. How awful. Your felt food is delicious looking. T's outfit and shoes are just divine. Keep us posted on the germ warfare.

Mahmee said...

Yikes. I hope he is feeling better since you posted this Friday. R wants to send him a 'feel better' card. Ditto on what the gals above said! Looks great!

Heather said...

Hi Cindy!
Thanks for stopping by. Today is Wednesday, and I am writing this now in hopes that your poor son is feeling better! Hope that you staying healthy too!