Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter is "Snow" Much Fun!!!

The Winter storm hit the Southeast in a big way early Monday morning. Thankfully we have missed the ice that they received further down South. What we have been left with in our area is about 4-5 inches of lovely snow!

Sophie has really enjoyed bounding and playing in the snow. Perci on the other hand doesn't like it one bit!
The kids really think that this much snow is awesome. Chris made it to Mamaw Sandy and Paw Estel's so that they could enjoy the snow there, too.
Where we live, this much snow means that school is out for awhile...We will be out for day three tomorrow. Besides playing outside, this is what we have been doing to combat cabin fever:
Manicures with nail stickers...Don't you love Lil' Miss Starlit's pose?

Helping Mom make and bake cookies...JJ really enjoys the fruits of that labor!

And helping Mom decorate for CNY

Tori and I have also been working on a CNY craft using red envelopes to make a Chinese lanterns. We completed one yesterday, and I think we are ready to share with our followers. Check back later for that post!

We are excited to have another day off! Hope you have a great Wednesday, too!

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Kim K. said...

The snow/fun just never ends! Can't wait to see your red envelop lanterns. I posted my CNY tree on the blog today. I think I might keep it up extra long this year. Hugs!