Friday, December 31, 2010

One Terrific Tuesday!

The crew!

"Hey Mom!"

Cutie-patootie Addison...The youngest of the flock!

At this visit to the inflatables, Tori was gone in a flash and up at the top of this one before I could blink an eye. She no longer needs JJ's help for sure!

Tori loves to round up those tickets...She especially enjoys the ticket counting machine.

Parker and Landyn at Chuck E Cheeses...I love their expressions!

Yummy ice cream!

December 27...The cousins really enjoyed their day together doing lots of fun things: pizza at Gondolier, a visit to Bounce House, games at Chuck E Cheeses, and ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Most of all, I really think that they enjoyed an afternoon together. Unfortunately, they don't get to see one other too often. But, with the parents' work schedules it really becomes difficult to plan get-togethers. We really need to make a better effort to get these six together more. . .This would be a good resolution for us to have in 2010!

Enjoy the photos!

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