Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two Halloween Fun Weekends

Halloween afternoon...Getting ready to trick or treat with the neighborhood crew!

Making a necklace at the fall festival...

"Tink" fishing for prizes!

Mario and the Mad Hatter (his sis was Alice)

A hippie, baseball trophy, and Mario...

Tink, Belle, and Scooby-doo (his mom was Velma)!

Tink's wheels...That is the only way to trick or treat!

At the Princesses on Ice...We arrived early enough to catch the pre-show (A glimpse into the Disney princess closets)

Pumpkins at the Park... The Trios

Not at all planned. . .Don't you love their shirts!

Hey, I was really proud of my cupcakes! I came up them without searching the Internet for ideas!

Well, I guess my readers know me by now. . .I really do have good intentions to keep my blog as current as I can, but I just can't seem to find enough hours in the day! Oh well, so here you go with our fun weekends. . .

The weekend before Halloween always marks the beginning of the countless parties and such. Boo at the Zoo was really fun this year because we added JJ and Drake to the mix. Tori enjoyed having company while they made their rounds through the zoo and visited each of the 20 stations to receive candy, crayons, toys and such. The Sunday before Halloween is reserved for our (third annual) Pumpkins at the Park. We had a good turnout once again and had great weather. The kids opted this year to carve their names (with the pumpkin fairy's help) on one side and a pumpkin face on the other. Once again the neighborhood kids had a ball playing in the park and spending time with each other.

The weekend of Halloween brought more spooky fun. . .Movies at the Park on Friday night complete with popcorn and smores, Trick or Treating on Saturday night, and a Fall Festival on Sunday at Mamaw Teina and Big Paw's church. Tori was able to see the Disney Princesses on Ice Saturday morning with Mia, as it was her fifth birthday. One of the things the kids really enjoyed this weekend was watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." I think they watched it at least five times. . .and laughed just as hard each time at all the cute parts just like I used to. Candy? Goodness gracious. . .I have never seen the amount of candy like these two raked in with all the parties, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Of course not to mention, going around the neighborhood and visiting the local church's Trunk or Treat on Saturday. Let's just say that on Monday, my kids at school really were excited to see all that candy. Teenagers still like all that kid's stuff, especially when it involves something to eat!

Yep, we had lots of good times, and it is always a little sad to see Halloween come and go. But, on the other hand, I love, love, love all the preparation that paves the way to Thanksgiving and Christmas! I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas this year, especially our new staircase and newly refurbished dining room. And as soon as I can get started, you bet I will be pulling out the boxes and boxes of decorations I have collected over the years.

Happy November!


Kim K. said...

Such fun Halloween pictures. I'm still mourning the end of October. I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations..especially your stairwell. Please promise to post lots and lots of pics!!

Mahmee said...

That's a whole lotta smokin' Halloween fun. Would have loved to have seen Scooby's mom's Velma costume. Ha!
The kids look awesome!