Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Princess Mess

That's what her daddy and brother loving call her. She IS sugar and spice all rolled up into one! Lil' Miss T will tell you she is a "mess," and give you one of her sunshine smiles.

Recently, Chris took her preschool, and one of her teachers said that we didn't need to worry about Tori taking up for herself. Chris's response was one of "Oh, no . . .What happened"? The teacher immediately said, "Don't worry, nothing bad, but we just wanted to let you and Cindy know." The gist of the story was that a bigger boy from another class took away the toy she was playing with. Tori marched right over with her hands on her hips (a sure sign she is really, really pissed), pointed her finger in his face, and said with all her little might, "That is MY toy!" The little boy immediately gave the toy back, and I don't think he has tried to mess with her or her toys again. Now, I don't want her to be a bully, but I do want her to stand up for herself. It tickles me to play that scene in my head because I can just see that little bit of a girl do there what she does at home sometimes, especially with her brother.

While I am on this topic, Chris and I laugh (out of her listening range, of course) at some of the things she says. Here are a few of our favs:

"J.J. has his eyes on me!" (when he is looking at her and apparently "laughing" with his eyes...She hates it when she thinks someone is laughing at her.)

"J.J. is sayin' that to me!" (when he is apparently being too bossy and she has had enough)

"No Dad, that's yuck!" (when her dad tries to aggravate her by being a bit gross)

"What's it smell like in here?" (when she wants to say something stinks)

"What you sayin' to me?" (when she doesn't like what you have said to her. . .Ask the poor waiter who said to her last Friday night, "You are just so "little" and cute!" She becomes wrathful to anyone who calls her little. . .She associates that with being a baby.)

Lil' Miss T is our firecracker. I really wouldn't expect any less from a little girl who is almost four with that Asian spice in her blood. She is lethal, but oh so lovable!

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Kim K. said...

I just have to laugh when I read these stories. That spicy/sweet tendency makes our girls so lovable. Darling pics.