Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Yo, Ho, Ho. . ." And a Cool Treasure Hunt!

Shiver me timbers!

The mini palm marks the spot!

Reading the map to the six beach treat boxes. . .

Thanks, Uncle Tee-Tee!

Mom's beach babes. . .
Lovin' the sand and the shore. . .
Tori befriending "baby" the crab. . .

Uncle Tee-Tee really put on a cool treasure hunt this morning on the beach. Armed with a treasure map, Jonathan lead the way with the other lil' mateys following close behind. Their booty? A chest full of jewels, pirate gear, and six other boxes full of snacks, sunglasses, and beach toys was what was revealed.

With lots of playmates, the kids are having one good time. After the hunt, the rest of the morning was spent in the ocean and playing in the sand. Tori spent a good little while following a "baby" crab around on the shore. She explained to me that on "Ni Hao, Kai Lan," Kai Lan made friends with crabs on the beach, so this crab was "her friend, too." This girl never misses a beat!

Believe me, J and T are quite worn out and taking a much needed little rest, so I thought I would share some pics from the morning. Check back soon as I will be putting together my beach cupcakes for our family dinner tonight.

Have a great Sunday afternoon,


Kim K. said...

How fun! What a great way to kick off your trip with a treasure hunt! I can't wait to see your beach cupcakes.

Joette Waddle said...

I love your blog, Cindy! I don't think I've seen a blog before that made such terrific use of the pictures. I especially like the one with Jonathan and Tori looking at the ocean together.
Do you scrapbook these pics also or have some that are only digital? I'm woefully behind on my scrapbooking but keep up with the journaling more. Jonathan and Tori will really appreciate having these memories captured as they grow older, I'm sure!