Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Christmas Birthdays!

Happy Birthday, Mamaw/Mom!

"The Elves Impersonator"

A Wii/DS kind of birthday. . .
A movie pass!
Blowing out 10 candles!
The "iCarly" cake

The tea room at the Silk PurseHaving a spot 'o tea

Wishing Mamaw Happy B-day at the Apple Cake Tea Room

Christmas time always brings the traditional holiday festivities, but in our family, we have several December birthdays. My Grandma Barger, who would have been 80 this year, begins the series on the 4th, with my brother Tony on the 7th, Jonathan on the 22nd, and my mom on the 23rd. This year was a special one for my little man. . . he is now in the double digits! I can't believe that he is ten years old. . .a whole decade!

Anyway, my mom's dearest friends, Tori, and I get together to celebrate her birthday, eat lunch at a special place, and exchange Christmas gifts. This year we met at Apple Cake Tea Room, and we had lots of fun laughing, eating and talking. "Pig" themed gifts are always popular since many years ago, my mom hit a family's pet pig. The pig evidently escaped from its pen and decided to cross the road at the wrong time. No one, especially her friends, has ever let her forget it. And wouldn't you know that Tori was born in the Year of the Pig!

Because of scheduling, the group didn't get to meet on Mom's actual birthday. But Tori, my dad, and I took her to an actual English tea at the Silk Purse on the actual day. Tori and my dad were especially excited because they have "tea" all the time when Tori visits their house. The tables were decorated beautifully and the food was heavenly. Tori had a great time with her grandparents and thoroughly enjoyed her Christmas tea experience. The hostess was pleasantly surprised to see her good tea manners, and I was happy that she remembered her "please" and "thank yous". Unfortunately, that night I ended up in the ER with a horrific ear infection. And thus began the invasion of whatever virus came to "give" over the Christmas holidays.

Jonathan had another awesome birthday party. This year's birthday cake featured the "iCarly"
cast. This is one of his favorite Nick shows, and I will admit that I like to watch it with him. He had all his grandparents, Uncle Tee-Tee, and cousins Drake and Addison in attendance, along with his best pal Joseph and his family. Of course he was showered with all kinds of gifts. Thanks everyone for everything!

To wind up this post, I wanted to show you a pic of Jonathan in his elf costume. The 4th and 5th grades at his school did a musical called "The Elves Impersonator" through their music class. The lead character was called Elfis who was different (and you can just guess why) than all the other elves in Santa's workshop. It was really funny and entertaining as well as lesson on how we should treat one another. Jonathan was Elf #3, and he really played the part well. He "threw" his voice to sound like an elf, and it was just too funny. We got tickled every time he said a part because we knew that he was really into the acting thing. A big thank you and job well done to Mrs. Dickerson and all the students!

Check back soon for our marathon Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Many, many New Year's hugs and blessings from our family to yours!

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Kim K. said...

I love the tea party pictures. Emma would love an iCarly cake and to dress up like an elf is just too darn fun!! I wish you all the best for a fantastic 2010! Here's to hoping that you all stay healthy now. Can you believe break is nearly over?